Rolsen Recordings is the freelance recording, mixing, mastering, front of house, and install works offered by Robby Olsen. With nearly a decade of experience in the audio field, Robby now lends his services on a per project basis:

    -Digital Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    -Advanced Knowledge of Avid and Harrison digital audio workstations (Protools Certified)
    -Advanced knowledge of acoustics and system equalization
    -Front of house and monitor mixing
    -Advanced knowledge of Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft and Tascam mixing systems
    -System installation
    -Network audio, including advanced knowledge of Dante and QSC systems 
    -Audio consultation
    -Onsite training services 


Recording I/O:

32x32 Digital multi track recording 

Zero latency artist monitoring


Protools, Harrison


Focusrite, Audient, API, Tascam


Royer, Mojave, Audix, Shure, 12 Gauge Microphones, ect.


Yamaha Hs80's, Sennheiser Headphones

Amps and Instruments:

Orange, Ampeg, Vox, Mesa

Fender American Strats and Bass Guitars

Fender Jag

Custom Patriot LTD

Martin and Taylor Acoustics